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  • Today we've obtained: __$55000____________

    הושיטו יד עזרה לילד!!!!!

    זיריאנסקי רומה הוא ילד בן 3 מוולגוגרד (רוסיה) אשר סובל מאחד הגידולים האלימים ביותר באונקולוגית ילדים – Alveolar Recurrent Rhabdomyosarcoma . הגידול הממאיר נמצא בגלגל העין השמאלית. רומה הגיע יחד עם אמו ארצה מלא תקווה לריפוי, כיוון שניתוח להסרת הגידול התוקף אותו ניתן לבצע בישראל ובצרפת בלבד. אולם למשפחתו חסר כסף למימון הטיפול. במשך ששת – תשעת החודשים הקרובים רומה צריך לעבור שישה טיפולים כימותרפיים ולאחר מכן ניתוח להסרת תאים סרטניים. נכון לעכשיו רומה מקבל טיפול במחלקת אונקולוגית ילדים והמטולוגיה בבית החולים מאייר במרכז רפואי רמב"ם, חיפה. מחיר הניתוח עומד ע"ס 30000 $. כל טיפול בכימותרפיה עולה 5000-10000 $ (המחיר משתנה בהתאם לצורך בימי אשפוז בזמן מתן טיפול). הגידול תוקף את רומה בפעם הרביעית. בפעם הראשונה הוא התגלה בהיותו תינוק בן 10 חודשים, ובפעם הנוכחית – במרץ 2005.

    בישראל ניתן להעביר תרומות ל: בנק הפועלים סניף מס' 707 חשבון מס' 412064 על שם: זיריאנסקי לריסה בהערות נא לציין תרומה


  • 14th of November. All the debts to the hospital are almost settled, scheduled procedures are at their end. At the middle of December Roma returns home. There is no more need to send money. Thank you for your help.
  • 27th of September. The second course of chemotherapy has started. Roma feels good. Continuation of the treatment requires additionally about $20000 (or slightly less, if the hospital administration will agree to make a discount).
  • 8th of September. Roma is dismissed. Now he waits for 2 chemotherapy sessions and 1 session of Radiotherapy.
  • 5th of September. Roma went from the critical care to the usual stationary. He can be dismissed till the end of the week.
  • 30th of August. Surgery took 13 hours and finished successfully. However the eye had to be removed, because it was extensively affected by the tumor. Now Roma is in the pediatric critical care department. Today the physicians plan to remove the lungmotor unit.
  • 29th of August. Today is the day of surgery. Treatment will take about 8th hours.
  • 18th of August. The Benefit concert is postponed till 6th of October.
  • 8th of August. Euro account has been changed.
  • 21st of August a benefit concert will take place in Rishon le-Zion (Israel). All the profit is intended for Roma's medical treatment. More details you can find at the web-site of "Advita" fund, which also takes part in the fund rising for Roma's surgery and chemotherapy.
  • 8th of August. Today is the last day of the final presurgery chemotherapy session августа. Сегодня заканчивается. Admission for surgery is scheduled on the 28th of August.
  • 8th of July. Roma is still in the hospital. Hemoglobin is 11, Leukocytes 1, but the platelets drastically decrease to 30 (157 yesterday)
  • 7th of July. Roma received donor transfusion. Temperature is decreasing. Hemoglobin is OK now.
  • 5th of July. Roma obtained the data of blood analysis. Hemoglobin and leucocytes are very low (8 mmol/l and 0,5 respectively). Since yesterday Roma's temperature is too high.
  • The treatment plan for Roma: chemotherapy courses start on 15th of July and on 3rd of August. Surgery is scheduled for 21st of August.
  • 5th of July. The TV and Radio programms about Roma gave a great response. We'd like to thank all these generous people who send Roma money and toys. Many people called and supported Roma's parents with warm words and good wishes.
  • 27th of June. Roma has undergone PET. Tumor is decreasing. Today 3rd chemotherapy starts.
  • 21st of June. We obtained enough money for the 3rd chemotherapy. Now Roma needs means for another 3 chemotherapies and the surgery.
  • 20th of June. Good News. Roma's eye returned to the normal position.
  • 3rd chemotherapy is scheduled for 27th of June.
  • 19th of June. Blood analysis is close to normal. The tumor is reducing!
  • 14th of June. Euro account was open.
  • Now you can see Documents from Meyer Children's Hospital of Rambam Medical Center and Moscow Blokhin's Children Oncological and Hematological Center.
  • 10th of June. Since now donations can be made via PayPal.
  • 1st of June. Doctors say that the tumor is decreasing a little bit. They decided to start the second series of chemotherapy treatment today..
  • 26th of May. The 1st series of chemotherapy are finished.
  • 22th of May. Roma moved from the critical care department to oncology department. The 1st series of chemotherapy have started.
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    מס' חשבון:412064

    על שם:

    Zeryanskaya Larisa

    Correspondent bank of beneficiary's bank
    JPMorgan CHASE BANK, New York
    New York Plaza, New York, N.Y., USA
    S.W.I.F.T. CHAS US 33
    Acc. with corresp. Bank 400927098
    Beneficiary's bank Alfa-Bank Moscow
    Beneficiary's Acc. 42301840304170019211
    Beneficiar Kozlovtsev Aleksandr Ivanovich
    Donation for Roman Zerianski

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    Банк-получатель ОАО Альфа-Банк Москва
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    Наименование получателя   Козловцев Александр Иванович
    Номер счета получателя    42301810004170014957

    Account for Israel residents (Roma's mother account - Larisa Zerianskaya)
    Bank Hapoalim
    Department number: 707
    Account number: 412064
    Name: Zeryanskaya Larisa
    In הערות field one should indicate תרומה

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    Correspondent bank of beneficiary's bank
    COMMERZBANK, Frankfurt/Main
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    Acc. with corresp. Bank Acc.
    400 88 689 45/01 EUR
    Beneficiary's bank
    Alfa-Bank Moscow
    Beneficiary's Acc.
    Kozlovtsev Aleksandr Ivanovich

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